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 Why Does Love Hurt So?

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PostSubject: Why Does Love Hurt So?   Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:49 pm

It's such a nice word
It's a word of feeling
It's a word of care
So if that's the case
Then why does it hurt so?
And why is it everywhere?

I am in love
And it was great
But yet I knew
My love would be shoved under the gate

When I thought I was somewhere
I was nowhere at all
But yet I held on
Waiting and hoping for her call

This didn't do any good
Because all my waiting
And all my prayers
Won't bring back my love
Cause she has no cares ?

Maybe someday
She will realize
That My love is yesterday
Was only for her
And true love in my eyes

I used to cry
When I realized she was gone
But yet she's still here
In my broken heart that's done

She took my heart
When she got up and left
And that really hurt
But what the heck

Love is beautiful
Don't get me wrong
It just doesn't hold anything for me

But Love is beautiful
Go for it
And you'll see

This is all I'll say
Because, you see
Everything I've just said
Only makes sense to me

Lot's of Love to you
Just make sure it's true
Because what happened to me
Shouldn't, happen to you
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Why Does Love Hurt So?
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