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 Blaming Me

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PostSubject: Blaming Me   Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:06 am

You told me you loved me,
You said you cared.
To tell me the truth-your heart never dared,
So when I left you and was happy with another,
We started to ignore and drift away from each other.

But you started acting weird,
and I began to get selfish and couldn't bare it to end.
I couldn't let go and wanted to keep you as a friend.
You began to change and behave in ways that just wasn't you,
I tried to help.
I tried to get it through to you that there was a better way.
But apparently i made it worse and realized i couldn't stay.
You told me it was because of him not because of me.
Why didn't I realize... Why didn't I see...
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Blaming Me
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