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 Beautiful Girls from Pakistan...

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Sonia Verma
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PostSubject: Beautiful Girls from Pakistan...   Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:27 pm

Beautiful babe Rayshum from the city of Lahore is seen here in a
variety of poses. Innocence combined with exuberance can be a exquisite
combination, as is apparent from the photos submitted by this beauty

Here we find a group of three beautiful Lahori chicks posing upon some
steps. As lovely and vivacious as ever, these girls from Lahore prove
yet again that when it style, this ancient city on the banks of the
Ravi will always be on the forefront in S

Here we see a throng of girls at a Pakistani mehndi event. Mehndi, Urdu
for henna, is a traditional ceremony performed before a Pakistani
wedding. Both the bride and the groom are decorated with elaborate body
art created out of henna leaves, with th

A beautiful Pakistani girl overlooks a bustling Western city through
what appears to be a glass elevator. Lost in thought, she projects a
serenity of form that makes for a rather dramatic photographic effect.
Her black bag glistens in the crisp after

A group of school teachers from a rural area in the Punjab have sent us
their pictures. These two ladies seem to be relaxing during school
hours, probably taking a break from work. Though no students can be
seen in the background, the setting reveals

Here we see a group of girls with lovely smiles flashing for the
camera. Exuding a sort of exuberance and vivaciousness all around, only
real Pakistani girls can manage to look this good. Beautiful female
form in the winter sun…what more can you ask

Wardah, the hot babe from Lahore appears again in another picture. Here
she’s seen wearing a pink shalwar kameez posing in front of a mirror.
Wardah is studying at the University of South Asia and enjoys posing
for the camera. We wish her the best fo

Here we see Wardah, a sweet lass from the ancient city of Lahore.
Wearing a large pendant medallion in a bright green costume, we find
this chick looking sweet with a naughty smile about her face. She’s
also wearing a tiny nose stud known as a “koka

A cute babe from Peshawar is seen posing here for the camera in what
appears to be a self shot. Peshawar girls are renowned for their good
looks and fair complexion. This lady appears to have some very
attractive facial features, including lovely eye
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PostSubject: Re: Beautiful Girls from Pakistan...   Wed Jul 22, 2009 4:53 pm

very very beautiful photos.
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Beautiful Girls from Pakistan...
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