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 Museum Of Broken Relationships !

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Aman Sharma

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PostSubject: Museum Of Broken Relationships !   Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:14 pm

What do the following items have in common? A pair of pink fluffy handcuffs...

...a head massager, a honey bunny soft toy...

...a stuffed toy Clanger and a broken handcuff?

In each case, they are the only things that are left of a failed relationship

The Museum of Broken Relationships is a travelling art concept set up
by former lovers Olinka Vi¹tica and Drazen Grubi¹iæ. It is currently
visiting Singapore

Every object in the museum is anonymous, and has a short description of
the relationship it was part of. This teddy bear is all that remains of
a failed romance between a Malay woman and a Chinese man who met in
Singapore, where marriages between different ethnic groups are
uncommon. The woman kept her relationship a secret from her family and,
unable to keep photos or other mementos of their relationship, only had
the bear she received from her boyfriend as the sole symbol of their

This prosthetic limb was donated by a Balkan war veteran who fell in
love with his physiotherapist . "The prosthesis had a longer life-span
than the relationship. It was made of better material," the donor writes

A stuffed toy in the shape of a centipede. A couple in a long-distance
relationship tore off a leg from the centipede each time they were able
to meet. They broke up before all the legs were removed

A bottle-opener shaped like a key, and a pair of hands that were
formerly attached to a mannequin which bore the brunt of anger from the
dissolution of a five-year love-hate relationship

A visitor to the museum looks at a row of bras...

..The bras have messages tied to them. This one reads 'love, cherish and support'

The Museum of Broken Relationships is at the Singapore Fringe Festival
till January 19 and opens in San Francisco on Valentine's Day. People
who want to donate items can do so via the museum's website

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Museum Of Broken Relationships !
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