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PostSubject: HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN.   Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:01 pm

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Raksha Bandhan is
perhaps the best religious festival of the Indian folks. An inseparable
part of Rakhi are the Raksha Bandhan rituals. These Raksha Bandhan
rituals are one of the most important part of Raksha Bandhan
celebrations. These Raksha Bandhan rituals are that which makes the
occasion unique from the rest. It is by following these Raksha Bandhan
rituals that sisters pray for the secure and safe life of their
brothers. The Raksha Bandhan rituals are that which has made Rakhi such
a popular and favorite occasion for several Indians all over the world.

There are various kinds of Raksha Bandhan
rituals in all parts of the country. Though some customs of Rakhi
celebrations may differ, but there are many common Raksha Bandhan
rituals which are found in all parts of the country. Amidst the spirit
of festivity and fun, these Raksha Bandhan rituals are very sternly
followed. On this day sisters tie a silk thread on their brother's
wrist wishing them a safe life. It is surrounding this thread tying
ceremony that all the Raksha Bandhan rituals are formed. However, the
these rituals of Rakhi festival are conducted much before the day
actually comes.

Before the day of full moon, Purnima, actually
comes, sweets are bought. The Rakhis too are prepared before the day
actually come. Since tying the Rakhi is the main attraction of the
occasion, so it must be prepared in the best possible way. Thus, the
Rakhis are prepared with a lot of time and patience so that they turn
out to be attractive. One of the primary ritual of Rakhi is getting up
in the early morning and bathing to get ready for the day's
celebration. This practice would purify the body as well as the soul
and prepare to to participate in such a pious occasion.

King Bali and Goddess Laxmi:
to the mythology Raja Bali was such a great devotee of Lord Vishnu that
Lord Indra felt insecured and he prayed Vishnu to help him save his
throne. Vishnu accepted Indra's prayer and overthrew Bali beneath the
earth. When Bali asked Lord Vishnu about such treatment, Vishnu gave
him boon of immortality and also promised to take care of his kingdom.
To keep his promise Vishnu left his residence, 'Vaikunthdham' to
safeguard Bali's kingdom. Then the Goddess Laxmi, wife of Lord Vishnu,
went to Raja Bali as a poor brahmin lady and requested him for shelter.
She regarded Bali as her brother and therefore tied a Rakhi on to him
on the 'Shravan Poornima' day. When Bali wished to give her some
present she told him her true story and also told him that she came
here because Lord Vishnu is here to guard his kingdom. So if he can, he
should send Lord Vishnu back to Vaikunthdham. Raja Bali immediately
requested Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi to return.


Maharani Karnawati and Emperor Humayun:
the Medieval Indian History the tale of Maharani Karnawati and the
Mughal Emperor Humayun relates to the tradition of Rakhi. Maharani
Karnawati was the queen of the Rajput Kingdom, Chittor, in Rajastan.
When Chittor was threatened by Bahadur Shah of Mewar, the Maharani sent
a Rakhi to Humayun, the Mughal Emperor of Delhi, and called him for
help. Humayun was aware of the significance of Rakhi in the Hindu
community so he immediately accepted her request to protect her. Nobody
forced him to do so but he did so only out of his respect for the
tradition of Rakhi.



Gifts to Brother

Gift for brothers has to be special. So to
choose the perfect gift for your dear brother you should know what are
his likes and dislikes his hobbies and interests and accordingly choose
your gift.

  • Shirts - Be it formal or casual wear, shirts are another cool gift item. Please your brother by adding some more choice to his wardrobe.
  • Show pieces - Your
    brother will be impressed by your choice of a beautiful show pieces
    made of terracotta, wood, stone or glass, reflecting your affection for

  • Cufflinks - Let your brother know how much you care for him by presenting him beautiful cufflinks this time.
  • Leather - Leather belts
    in different designs and with a modern look will make your brother look
    different in the crowd. The locks in these belts are also very stylish.

  • Wallets - A new spacious wallet with more pockets will help your brother keep his things carefully.
  • Ghazals - Your brother
    has interest in music then a latest private album or a collection of
    dance-numbers or a latest ghazals collection is the best choice to
    present him.

  • Pens - There are so
    sleek, light weight and good quality pens which can be a good gift item
    for anyone. Pen stand will help your brother in not losing the pens any

  • Books - If your brother
    has interest in reading nothing can be a better gift for him other than
    a book. It could be story book, fiction, non-fiction or any special
    issue of magazines.


Gifts to Sister

Sisters are the most loved creatures in the
entire family. They can be tough to please, show attitude in every
small thing or worse may want an exact copy of everything that belongs
to you. But then also they are the most adorable and lovable beings in
our lives. And when there is a special occasion in our sister's life,
most of us like to give the best to her. For all the special occasions
in your sister's life, we bring you great sister gift ideas. With the
help of these gift ideas for a sister, you will definietly present your
sister with a lovely gift that will surely be a wonderful surprise for

  • Jewellery: Any one of these items could be a good gift item for her. While selecting you must go for the latest designs.
  • Sarees, Jeans, Toppers: You
    can select a dress material from any showroom according to the taste
    and choice of your sister. The fabric must be selected according to the

  • Cards: You can very
    effectively express your feelings towards your sister with the help of
    a card. The contents in the cards are so well written that it matches
    your feelings and without making extra efforts you can express

  • Photo Frames: This is an item which helps you capture the beautiful and memorable moments of your life.
  • Handbags: These bags are a useful item for your sisters. You can help them add one more latest and stylish handbag in their collection.
  • Perfumes: Perfumes should be chosen as per the choice of your sister. Some may like strong odor while others may like light odor.
  • Soft Toys: Soft and stuffed toys are a good medium of expressing your tender feelings for your sister.
  • Wrist Watches: Your
    sister might have got bored of repeating the same old wrist-watch
    everywhere. It is time to make her happy by presenting her a new and
    stylish one.

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