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 cute cards

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PostSubject: cute cards   Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:03 pm

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Aww Don't You Worry

Listen don't you worry
You came with those black dots
They make you sort of famous
You sure are loved a lot

Sure I think you're special
When I walk with you I'm proud
I hold my head up high and say
We're special in a crowd

See how much they're smiling
Look at us they say
What a combination
You know we made their day

Come again to see us
We love to be on line
Sending all our love your way
With a touch of pure sunshine..

How You Bee ??

Just dropped by to see you
Wonder How You Bee
Thought of you the other day
Was hoping you'd Buzz me

Flowers make me happy
And Bees are so much fun
Promise not to sting me
It makes me yelp and run

Nice that I could meet you
You really have great form
Colors that are special
You make me feel so warm

You are black and yellow
I am black and white
Colors never matter
Friendships make life right.

So Filled With Love

~So filled with love this special cup
It holds my heart inside
Filled with sweetest happiness
Sometimes I want to glide

Within this cup of porcelain
It feels as soft as silk
Filled with tasty strawberry's
Instead of tea or milk

Sometimes I feel like hiding
Just to get away
Could you think of better place
For me to want to stay

Wonder where my Missy is
Opps I see her there
Be with you in a second
It's way too high up here

Well I have to leave now
Get back to earth you see
So I can tend to all my chores
This rest was great for me.~

Rose of Friendship

Special Rose I picked with care
No thorns are on it anywhere
Sweetest petals I could find
Friendship's beauty now defined

Each day when you're sad or blue
This gentle Rose I send to you
So you will know that I am near
Friendships true won't disappear

Forever I will offer you
A flower and a prayer or two
On my mind you'll always be
Grateful for you constantly

If you need me I am here
Every day throughout the year
Knowing that you've been the best
Friendship with a Rose be blest.

Your Number One

~Are you searching for an angel
We'll I'm the one for you
With shiny brand new halo
I'll tell you what to do

Before you go to sleep at night
Look up in the sky
You'll see a special twinkling light
A message from on high

You need me to be next to you
No problem I can fly
My wings are pretty new at this
But I'll give it my best try

If I need a little rest
I'll nap upon a cloud
You'll be my very best of friends
Believe me you'll be proud

I have to get these wings to work
I'm new at this you know
But if you give me just a chance
My halo sure will glow

So here I come I'm landing
Wherever you might be
Opps excuse me if we bump
You'll know for sure it's me

Forever I will be your friend
My love comes naturally.~

Just Naturally

Friends are like flowers
That's how it should be
So sweet and so special
Just naturally

Writing this poem
So you know that I care
Sending a flower
With love always there

Soft and so smooth
With fragrance divine
With greatest emotion
My love is defined

Hope when you get this
You'll send it to me
Keep love just flowing
That's how it should be.

Once Upon A Time

~Once upon a time
Not so long ago
I met a special friend
Who always loved me so

Always was around for
Very special times
Knew that she would be there
Even through rough times

A very special friend
That always followed me
One that I will always love
With heart that you can see

She always will protect me
This very special friend
Now I know because of you
This story never ends.~

Friends Forever

~Friends we'll be forever
No matter what they say
Each of us so special
In very different way

Always there to help you
No matter near or far
Love you cause your precious
Just the way you are

Couldn't make it clearer
Then words that I now say
To me you are the sunshine
You brighten up my day

Came by for a visit
So nice what friends will do
Go that extra mile you see
Because my hearts with you

By Your Side

~I know you had a hard day
That's why I'm at your side
I want to give you comfort
To make you warm inside

We all need special someone
When things don't go our way
Well here I am my sweet friend
Someone who'll always stay

Don't you ever worry
I'll be right next to you
I'll help you when you feel sad
I'll be your best friend too

You don't have to worry
To you I make this vow
I'll always do my beary best
To soothe your furrowed brow.~

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cute cards
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