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PostSubject: GODD€SS OF THE S€A   Sat Nov 15, 2008 2:31 am

To control the Sea, is to be a Goddess.
To be one with the sea, is to be of the sea.
I swim there each night in my dreams.

Mistress of the Winds.

Holding back the Sea from the land?

Or holding back the land from the sea????

If you can't see the beauty of YOU,
take a closer look.
You will see it more clearly.


If something comes into your world
that seems too big for you to handle,
your first reaction might be one of fright!


Make peace with it and

you will see the good of it.
It may just turn out to be the best
thing that ever happened to you!

Dance to the music of the waves.

Run barefoot and gleefully squeal to the winds.

Be a child of the ocean and ride the surf.

Happiness is a great wave hitting a rock![/

[size=24]You might think someone is peculiar.

On the other hand, they just
might think you are too!
Be careful to judge lest yee be judged!


[size=24]Atlantis Rising!
It exists in our hearts as much as Camelot!

Dream Big.

Nothing is unachievable
and all is within your grasp.
Make your opportunities count!

[size=24]Thank you for being a dreamer and
letting your inner child run free.
If only more were like you,
this might be a world of happy people.

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