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 Thought for Today/Message for the Day

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Sunny Kumar

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PostSubject: Thought for Today/Message for the Day   Wed Dec 31, 2008 2:31 pm


As we mature spiritually there is less need to have our self-respect
bolstered by praise and special attention. As our thought processes
become more compassionate and less self obsessed, we feel increasingly
satisfied with ourselves and with our lives. We relate to people more
easily and feel no need to draw attention to our successes or complain
about our problems.

Message for the Day

To be successful we need to have the balance between the head and the heart.


In our interactions with others, we sometimes only use our head, i.e., our logic. We are very logical and understand the facts very clearly. But if we keep ourselves limited only to the facts, we tend to forget to use our heart. We then are not available to the other person and fail to understand him.


In order to be successful in our interactions with others we need to have the right balance between our head and our heart. We need to see beyond what the facts say and try to listen and understand the other person too. When we do this we will not hurt people with our attitude but will be able to maintain harmonious relationships.
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Thought for Today/Message for the Day
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