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 Holding Hands..For A Lifetime

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Aman Sharma

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PostSubject: Holding Hands..For A Lifetime   Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:22 pm

Holding hands..for a lifetime. Walk throught this world with me go where I go ..share al your dream with come come take my hand & walk throught this world with me

The spaces between your fingers were created so that another could fill
them in.This quote had always remained my favorite.Ever wondered about
the depth of message they convey!

To hold someone's hand is to offer them affection,protection or comfort.It
is a way to communicate and telling them silently I am here,with you..

Holding hands remains a sign of intimacy between friends and lovers,couples and
family,keeping two people together as they navigate the world around

People hold hands for several reasons such as; a gesture of friendship ,or of
love;acknowledgment of one�s presence or as sign of respect as in a
handshake;a part of religious service or ritual;to enjoy physical
contact;for emotional support;to guide ,as with a child , a blind
person ,or an elderly;to urge someone to follow,to dance and on many
more instances..

The symbolic meaning of holding hands varies

A man and a woman who are friends may avoid physical intimacy to avoid
associations with sexuality or emotional intimacy, in order not to
appear to be in a relationship. This is especially true if one or both
of them is already in a relationship with another person.

Hand holding depends on the relationship established with the person whose
hand is being held and their willingness to accept the intended gesture
based upon their understanding of its origin and significance...

To add,the dream interpretation of holding hands is given as Holding
hands or other positive interaction with hands can represent good will
or affection that you feel towards someone, that you believe someone
feels towards you, or you wish you were receiving

feel a feel of security and comfortHolding your parents hands when they are
in stress will do wonders on relieving their stress.Hold your sisters
or brothers hands when you cross road,see them smile at you

lovingly and read their eyes telling you �Thank you for being there�.Those
moments are treasured deep inside ones heart and nothing on earth and
heaven above can take its place..

When was it the last time you held your dear ones hands and said silently I care for you,and I am here for you no matter what.

Time will not wait for me and you.Before you lose your loved ones,tell them
how much they mean to you and make yours and theirs day a wonderful
one.Good luck!!

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Holding Hands..For A Lifetime
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