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 The Sacred Romance

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Aman Sharma

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PostSubject: The Sacred Romance   Wed Jan 07, 2009 12:47 pm

Indeed , If We Listen, A Sacred Romance

Calls Us Through Our Heart Every Moment Of Our Lives It Whispers To Us

In The Wind.

Invites Us Through The Laughter Of Good

Friends, Reaches Out To Us Through The

Touch Of Someone We Love,

We've Heard It In Our Favorite Music,

Sensed It At The Birth Of Our First Child .

Been Drawn To It While

Watching The Shimmer Sunset On The Ocean.

The Romance Is Even Present In Time,

Of Great Personal Suffering

The Illness Of A Child, The Loss Of A,

Marrisge , The Death Of A Husband Of

A Wife Of A Friend.

Something Calls To Us Through

Experiences Like These And Rouses

An Inconsolsble Longing Deep Within

Our Heart .

Wakening In Us A Yearning For ,

Intimacy, Beauty, And Adventure.

This Longing Is The Most Powerful

Part Of Any Human Personality

It Fuels Our Search For Meaning,

For Wholeness For A Sence Of Being,

Truly Alive However We May Describe.

This Deep Desire It Is The Most Important Thing About Us Our Heart Of Heart

The Passion Of Our Life

And The Voice That Calls To Us,

In This Place Is None Then

The Voice Of God.
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The Sacred Romance
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