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 Its Funny to Find ur own Face

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Aman Sharma

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PostSubject: Its Funny to Find ur own Face   Fri Jan 16, 2009 4:55 pm

I'm avoiding a needed visit to the dentist right
now. For motivation, I gathered some cute photos (and some sort of
scary ones) of animals saying, "Ahh!" I can just picture the cheetah
sauntering smugly away after she's declared cavity-free for the third
year in a row. Of course, the seagull has nothing to worry about-- he
doesn't have any teeth in the first place!

1. Cheetahhhh

2. Seahhhhgull

3. Cahhhhmel

This one really frightens me... slavering jaws of doom, anyone?
I now think dromedaries' humps are actually the calcified remains of
their victims, transformed over time into a benign spinal growth...

4. Rahhhhbit

5. Belugahhhh

Looking for cute animal pics without the "Ahh" factor? Try 44 Beautiful, Unique, Little-Known Endangered Species.

6. Bahhhhdger

7. Lahhhhnghorn Steer

8. Fahhhx

9. Baby Pandahhhhs

10. Bahhhhboon

11. Housecahhhht

12. Elephahhhhnt

13. Frilled Lizahhhhrd

14. Coyotahhhh

15. Chimpahhhhnzee

16. Ocelahhhht

17. Fahhhhbulous Ferret

18. Grizzly Beahhhhr

19. Dahhhhchshund

20. Canahhhhdian Goose

21. Ahhhhfrican Pygmy Hedgehog

22. Guinahhhh Pig

23. Orcahhhh

24. Rhinahhhhceros

25. That's Ahhhh Moray

26. Opahhhhssum

27. Ahhhhligator

28. Red Eared Slidahhhh

29. Rahhhht

30. Oscahhhhr

31. Hippahhhh

32. Leopahhhhrd

33. Pandahhhh

34. Ponahhhh

35. Liahhhhn

Ah, that's better! If all these critters can bravely bare their teeth for inspection, so can I. Wish me luck!

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Its Funny to Find ur own Face
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